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A quick escape to Tagaytay

A quick roadtrip with my constants! Hoping I could publish the vlog soon 🙂


Last Sunday, me and my girls had a quick get-together at Tagaytay. Though we all had our fair share of worries for the upcoming week, it just felt great to see each other again.

After our roadtrip to Tagaytay, we initially attempted to eat at Balay Dako. However, the place was booked and we were already hungry. (The view of Taal was spectacular though!)

We went to Carlos Pizza instead since it was just right beside BD. We ate outside with Taal just there.

Hello Taal!

Of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take photos.

Before going down, we stopped over on one side of the road to take photos.

I loved that quick break. It was the first weekend that I just went out without really working on something. (The best part was, of course, being updated on each other’s lives despite not always seeing each other…

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4 Days in Bangkok, Thailand

It started with a seat sale then there we were, enjoying the beauty of Bangkok amidst the heat.

I’m not sure whether it is a post-graduation trip, post-board exam trip, a plain family trip or all of the above, but it was worthwhile. I was nervous at first because the last time our family had a trip (Singapore 2016), I had issues because we had different interests. We still had our differences, but we coped up with them better this time. 🙂

Day 1 – Chatuchak Weekend Market (click here for the vlog)

We arrived at the airport at around 8:30 in the morning and booked an Uber going to our AirBnB. We had difficulty with the language barrier, but we got over it. After leaving our baggage in the AirBnB lobby (the check in time starts at 2pm), we went to Chatuchak Weekend Market. We walked to Lumphini Station for approximately 15 minutes, rode the train and got off at the Chatuchak station. We ate lunch before starting our shopping spree. The place was huge. There werenso much to see, so much to try, so much to buy! My wallet was crying but my heart was happy! There are really good deals around the area; you just have to know where to look.  Two of my good picks were a dress and a top that costs only 100 Baht each (that’s Php 160)! I also bought pasalubong for my friends.

We decided to drop by 7-11 and bought stuff for next day’s breakfast to save money!

Favorite part: Seeing artworks for sale!

Tips: Drink lots of water. Wear comfortable shoes.

Must try: coconut ice cream

Info: Chatuchak Weekend Market is only open on WEEKENDS from 9am-6pm.

Day 2 – Temple Hopping and Asiatique (click here for the vlog)

I cannot stress this enough: STAY HYDRATED.

On our second day in Thailand, we rode the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat. We got off at the farthest pier, where Grand Palace was located. It was majestic. I was stunned by its beauty. However, I was not able to enjoy it because there were too many tourists who were RUDE and NOISY. I just wanted to get out of there. We ate lunch at a nearby store before getting on the boat again.

Next stop: Wat Arun/Temple of Dawn. It was peaceful here and I feel that you can really meditate. We road another boat (cost: 3 Baht) to cross the river and get to Wat Pho, where the biggest Reclining Buddha in the world is situated. There were too many people here as well.

After those three tourist destinations, our last stop for the day was Asiatique. The prices were higher than that of Chatuchak’s but there are still good finds! I bought another dress and more pasalubong.

Favorite part: Temple of the Dawn and boat ride to Asiatique (it felt like a river cruise!)

Tips: Stay hydrated and be patient!

Must try: Thai milk tea at Asiatique! (I can’t read its name, but you can check it on this vlog)

Info:  Chao Phraya Tourist Boat All-Day Pass – 180 Baht; Entrance Fees: Grand Palace – 500 Baht, Wat Arun – 50 Baht; Wat Pho – 100 Baht; The tourist boat starts stopping at Asiatique at around 4pm.

Day 3 – Shopping (click here for the vlog)

First stop: Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC). The entrance here was free and there were lot of artworks to see, some of them were dedicated to their late King. My favorite was the display of spices placed in spoons and hung on one side of the top floor!

Second, 3rd, 4th, 5th stop: Different malls. We just shopped. I died several times LOL

Day 4 – Ayutthaya Heritage Tour (click here for the vlog)

One of the things I like about travelling is learning about the country’s history. THis is why the Ayutthaya Heritage Tour was the highlight of this trip. It was made more convenient by the AK travel agency.

We just showed up at the meeting place, rode the comfy van and was taken to different places in Ayutthaya with out tourist guide, Andy. Since there were two different groups, Andy repeated what he said intro a different language for another group. Amazing skill.

These were the places that we went to:

  • Wat Yai Chaimongkon
  • Ayutthaya Floating Market – this is where we ate lunch. Aside from shopping, you can also see a free show and this is where you can ride elephants (please don’t :<)
  • Wat Mahathat – During the war, the buddha’s head was cut off so that the treasures can be stolen. The head that was mindlessly thrown somewhere had a tree growing beneath it and well, the tree grew and the Buddha Head stayed.
  • Wat Phra Si Sanphet  – here lies the ashes of a grandfather, father and son; one pagoda each.
  • Wat Chaiwatthanaram – this is were the ashes lay of a son who had an affair with his father’s mistress. When the king found out about the son, he ordered for him to be slashed 100 times. The son died after the 50th hit.

After the tour, we bought dinner at the Food Block before going home and packing things for next day’s flight!

I think this is the most exhausting trip I have had, given that I was able to walk at least 15000 steps a day LOL. It was worth it though. No wonder Bangkok is the most visited city in the world!





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Drama inside my head: Entry 1

Note: This post may be too emotional or too much of an overthinking. I’m telling you now so you can stop reading if you hate those things.

Ever since this special friend left me, I had this notion that no one will ever stay for me. I limited opening up to people. I tried so hard not to share what I have in my mind because I feel like nobody cares about my opinion. There are several issues surrounding this insecurity, but it doesn’t matter to the story. LOL. Time was all I needed to heal. More than a year later, I found myself trusting people again. I was grateful that I can be myself again. I was the happiest I have ever been.

Lately, however, things started changing again. All my friends became busy. I understand that since we are all growing up. I think what saddens me is their reason for being busy: they started dating other people. I am happy for them, I really am. I just feel like I was left alone again. Don’t get me wrong, they are still my friends. But I know that things will change from here on.

I guess what I’m saying is at the end of the day, you only have yourself…a statement both sad and liberating.

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Mirror of Erised

They have been together for eight months. Remember when you were at the mall and you saw a couple who won’t stop holding hands? That annoying couple who looked so happy yet people mutter to their breath, “You two are going to break up anyway.” Yup, that’s the one.

They were on a date when things started changing. They passed by a furniture shop and decided to look around. The shop was no IKEA but something caught her eye.

“This one looks familiar,” she started to walk towards the mirror. He was puzzled but still followed her. He was just grinning to himself, She just wants to take a photo in the mirror, typical. But when he got nearer, he started thinking where he saw that familiar mirror.

“Harry Potter,” He replied silently.

“Hmm?” She looked up to her partner quizzically before the thought started to sink in. “Oh! The one where Harry saw his parents!’ He nodded. “I wonder what it will show me!”

“We are not in Hogwarts. You can’t possibly—”

It was too late. She was already gazing at the mirror as if she was seeing other than their faces. He just played along with his girlfriend, but found himself amazed with what he saw: He has his own house, own car, a stable job and he has her as his wife. It was his dream.

She saw what she have always wanted: A mother of two, married to the love of her life, the man she’s with right now. She has fulfilled all her goals and still somehow won the jackpot of marrying the best husband. It was her dream.

They went home happier that day. It was as if everything was going as smooth as it can. Before leaving, he won’t stop smiling as she kissed her good night.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

That was the last time they uttered those words and meant it.

It only took three months to break what they had. She knew she would end up with him so she focused on achieving her goals first. She focused on her career, on the advocacies she cared about, on her family. She focused on herself so when the right time comes, she will be ready to be his wife. She forgot to tell him what her plans were. He was having the hardest time figuring out life as it is; it was too hard to figure out what was in her head alongside with it.

They went back to the shop separately later. When he looked at the mirror, he saw the same scene from when he first looked. Nothing changed except that she was no longer there. When she looked at the mirror, she saw what she was supposed to see: a future with same man. It was just how she remembered it.

She failed to remember that it was a mirror of her heart, not of her future.

Writer’s note:

I was watching Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone last week when the idea behind this story popped into my head. I was just wondering what would I see if I was standing in front of the Mirror of Erised and instead of finding out what my heart desire was, I came up with this story. I was too excited! It was the first time I have written a story after so long. Tell me what you think of it!

P.S. How awesome is Harry Potter?!?!?! Thank you J.K. Rowling for this brilliant work!

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Fam Meets Fam

All my dad’s siblings are in the Philippines except for one: Tita Netto. She has been living in Canada with her whole family for as long as I can remember. We keep in touch through Skype and phone calls, you know the drill. They were also times that she would go home; one of those times, she brought my cousin with her. It was 2009. Seven years later, one of her children visited the country, together with her fiancée and his family.

They arrived on election day (2016). I thought it was going to be awkward, but when they arrived we were all happy to see each other. By we, I mean everyone in our family: Titos, Titas, cousins. We let them settle in with their luggage then later on, just talked. The thing about our family (I guess many families are like this as well) is we never run out of things to talk about. At first, we were testing the waters…seven years is a long time. Once we got comfortable, we kept talking. We talked A LOT. I think one of the most fascinating things that happened that day was flu vaccination. Tita Tricia have a connection in this company. When they order flu vaccines, they include my Tita’s orders as well. We had the vaccines, but no nurse to inject it to us. My mom is a registered nurse but mabigat ang kamay niya and afraid she’ll hurt us. We were wondering who to call because the vaccine might expire soon enough when Michelle “Mek-mek” (you know how nicknames work in the PH) told us that her fiancée, AJ is a nurse. Everyone was fascinated and somehow, delighted. As I was writing this, I realized how easy it is to make our family happy. LOL.

Later that night, much to our surprise, we went swimming at a nearby resort. I thought Mekmek would be tired but they are game for anything. It was a fun night, so fun that these were the only photos I had:

The next day, we went to Tagaytay. We ate brunch, went to Skyranch, took some photos then ended our day at Sonya’s Garden! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE. I cannot stress this enough. Given how much I love nature, this seems like paradise to me. There were colors everywhere: plants, flowers, tress. I hope I had more words in my vocabulary to describe how much of a beauty that place was. And we haven’t reached the bedroom yet. Only Mekmek, AJ and Cat (AJ’s sister) were staying overnight, since it was their vacation anyway, and boy, I wanted to stay. I hate myself for not taking more photos! I hate myself for not being a better writer to describe the place. Check these photos:

Aside from the cucumber drink that they offered, which tastes SOOOOOO FRESH btw, we were also offered a free tour around their organic farm. When I say organic, IT REALLY IS.

We thought our day already ended when we left Sonya’s Garden, but we had another adventure. My cousin, Princess, had to go back to Manila because she had classes next day. We were not really familiar with Tagaytay as we do not go there very often. We parked nearby and waited for a bus to Manila, but it was not the loading and unloading area. We only knew when we signaled the bus but it refused to stop, its conductor signaled us where to go. IT WAS FAR, but my cousins and I are determined to let Princess ride that bus. We ran for the bus—faster than how they ran at Meteor Garden (hehe), but the freaking bus did not wait for us. HMP. Luckily, there was another bus that arrived few moments later.

Fast forward to another “fam meets fam” (hhi Hi Cat, miss u!), but this time, it was in Manila. Ate Jobelle was not able to go home during election day because of work so she was not able to see Mekmek. Since Mekmek was staying in Manila anyway, we were able to hold one last dinner. She had more days remaining in the country, but they had more plans like reaching out to our fellow countrymen in Leyte and offer as much help as they could i.e. health mission. We had a nice dinner at this Japanese Restaurant in High Street (loved their food! Tip: order corn COBS HAHAHA) where we shared more stories. There’s nothing more I’m allowed to share but these photos:

This reunion happened a year ago already, but I can still remember how much fun I had. Some things never change, I guess? Except for Mekmek’s surname (hay how corny can I be lol). It has also been a year since they got married and I can only hope that they continue loving one another ‘til death do them part.


Love you, cuz! See you xx

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Let me start by apologizing for not fulfilling my promises. I have promised that I will improve everything by June. July had just ended yet here I am, still unable to customize my blog and only published two posts for the months of May and June. I won’t promise anymore, since you’re probably tired of broken promises as well #hugot.

If it’s any consolation, I was busy with my vlog. I am not a better vlogger than a blogger, but it requires less concentration for me. I can edit videos while watching a series or a movie while in writing, any unnecessary noise that I haven’t prepared myself for, will impend me from writing. If you want updates on what I have been up to: click here.

Aside from this apology post, I will also be posting 2 blogposts: 1) my cousin’s vacation last 2016 and 2) a surprise *wink (it surprised me too). I will link them here as soon as they are posted. And this time, you won’t have to wait long as I am already writing those.


Jah xx



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Nothing worth having comes easy

Who would have thought that this skinny little girl would march as a licensed engineer in her graduation?

It has been a crazy ride. I took up Chemical Engineering because my mom suggested it and people were commenting I could do it. I was having second thoughts because I wanted to take up Psychology then pursue law, but I guess the universe has its way of putting things in order.

I started my college year promising myself that I would be a consistent Dean’s Lister. Scratch that, I promised myself that I would graduate with a medal to make my family, especially my parents, proud. I can’t help but laugh at my 16-year old self for saying that. Engineering, to put it nicely, will suck the life out of you. I keep telling myself that the upper batch was just exaggerating. I kept convincing myself that Engineering would be tolerable because I was good at Chemistry and Math. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at you, 16-y/o Jah. Of course, I was wrong. Just like everybody else, I spent sleepless nights studying and cramming for school requirements. On top of that, I was an officer in an organization.  There’s also other things like growing up, dealing with my insecurities, heartbreak and other aspects that help an individual to be a better person. I don’t regret a thing.

All the experiences that I had in college made me who I am today. I realized that setting your priorities and making plans is necessary, but there are times that you should go with the flow as well (especially if you have don’t have a choice anymore). I was always worrying that things may go wrong, that things may turn out to be different than I planned, and it sucked the happiness out of me. I came to realize that worrying doesn’t get me anywhere and that worrying about things I cannot control is just a waste of time and energy. It took me three years, a heartbreak, losing several friends and rejection of an organization I served before I changed. Some people told me that I was too old to change. Nah. It is never too late to start over. (The stories are on my other blogposts, just check them out 😉)

Before this post gets any longer, I offer my sincerest gratitude to the following:

To my dearest parents, for being patient with the bunso and her mood swings, for feeding me with my favorite food, for taking care of me when I was in a wheelchair for months, for supporting all my activities (MTAP, Science Competition, Press Conference, Dance, Drama Club, Newspaper, etc), for loving me even when I get too stubborn, for all the lessons, for the heart-to-heart talks, for the jokes, for everything.

To my sisters, Ate Jobelle for all the free meals, for lowering the volume of the tv when I am studying, for all the prayers, for all the advice; Ate Armine for being a big sister (kahit na feeling bunso siya), being kind to me and for being understanding at times; and of course Ate Sarah, for being the best sister anyone could ask for! Thank you for talking to me even if you’re busy with work overseas, for all the advice, for all the clothes and things you buy me, for all the support. U know it.

To Princess, my cousin turned sister, for being my bestfriend since I was born kasi wala kaming choice. JOKE. Love you!

To the rest of my family (both Mother and Father sides), thank you!!! Special thanks sa mga pinsan ko na may anak na kasi ang cute ng mga pamangkin ko. HAHAHA.

*Note: I type the following as I go. No hard feelings with regards to the order*

To Bianca for being my best person for two years now… who needs a boyfriend when I have you? Can’t wait to catch up!

To (Ate) Janella, for always being patient with me, for pushing me to be a better person and for always reminding me of my faith.

To Cla, Pollen and Emman, for always having each other’s backs in every milestone even if we are miles apart.

To the friends that are in an LDR with me, Gera (Canada) and Giorgio (Lipa lol), thank you for the calls and the talks and the time you spent with me!

To Janne, for being my calm confidant and for trusting me despite my shortcomings. You go, girl!

To Gelo, Ericka, Koshi and the rest of our high school friends for all the fun we shared for our meetups (hello, kailan na po next labas natin?)

To Kuya Ced, Achi Cue, Kuya Jonatz, Kuya Tope and the rest of Ates and Kuyas I gained along the way, thank you for the endless stories and tips in my CHE life.

To my USG family especially Jasmina, Zed, Rox and Mark, thank you for making me realize that there’s no limit to org-life…kasi kinain talaga tayo lahat ng orgs pero ‘di natin napabayaan student life natin. Naks naman!

To my Prose fam Naomi, Gamilla, Matt, Janssen, Pam ++, salamat sa suporta kahit ‘di tayo pare-pareho ng pinaniniwalaan. Mabuhay kayo!

To Eulene and Sugar sa pag-ampon sakin sa Singapore. Ayan tuloy, close na tayo, wala nang atrasan. LOL. This goes to Ginelle and Camille as well!

To people I got close to eventually, Anne, Pol/Jember, Jeezun, Mickel, Reg, Jose, JRAND MORE *I’M AFRAID I’LL FORGET NAMES IF ISA-ISAHIN KO SORRY* thank you for giving me another chance (wow?) despite the past and the chismis HAHA. Luv u.

To we-all-know-who, thank you for the short time we had. What a huge lesson that was. Even if it did not turn out as I hoped, I’m happy now and I hope you are too.

To everyone who stood by me in the five years of college, to all the friends who are not mentioned here explicitly, I apologize kasi masyado pala ako naging friendly nauubusan na ako ng sasabihin. Pero ang bottomline, salamat! Sana friends pa rin tayo.

To the groupmates I had, both the responsible and freeloaders, thank you for the experience and for helping me increase my tolerance to lies, excuses, and more! For the users, I wish you guys change for the better. It is unfair to get the shortcuts other people worked hard for. Let’s make the world a better place, shall we?

To all barkada’s that I was in and the friends that I had, thank you for all the experiences I had with you. Even if I’m not part of those groups anymore due to irreconcilable differences (awow?), I was happy to get to know you…most of you anyway (oops).

To my Nestlé TF Family, for being supportive as I was reviewing for the board exam and for showing me possibilities of the adult world (HUHU) that I have never realized before. Special thanks to QA and all the other Interns!

To all my organizations and extra-curriculars, Chemical Engineering Society (ChEn), Lasalliance for Peace (LFP), Malate Literary Folio, OTREAS, One in Service, One La Salle (OSOL), For The Kids (FTK), thank you for allowing me to serve you. Thank you for pushing me to do my best so I can serve you more.

To my org outside school—Santiago Youth and the whole of Santiago Chapel— salamat po sa opportunity na maglingkod sa Diyos. Ang dami kong natutunan sa halos isang dekada kong pagsisilbi at sana marami pa tayong ma-inspire na maglingkod. Special mention to Rox, Ma’am Angge, Daren at Carla, hanap na tayo ng susunod na generation ha. HAHAHA

To all my grade school and high school teachers, thank you for molding me and training me for college. Thank you for keeping in touch and for still supporting me in everything that I do. Your students are lucky to have you!

To my college professors, especially Dr. Orbecido for being the best adviser anyone could ask for, for staying with us when we had to start from scratch again, when we had to change our equipment and the thesis itself, and for being supportive of me even if thesis was over. Thank you! I would also like to thank our thesis adviser, Dr. Beltran for helping us to continuously improve, Dr. Bungay, one of the most talented educators I have ever met, for all the lessons both in and out of the classroom, Dr. Belo for being supportive of everyone in CHE and for pushing us to do our best and achieve our goal—Outstanding Thesis, and of course, Dr. Dugos for challenging every CHE student of DLSU. I would like to thank non-CHE professors who have inspired me namely, Dr. Alea and Sir Magsino!

Salamat din pala sa mga naging suki namin sa tindahan at sa mga umupa sa apartments namin, kung ‘di po dahil sa inyo, baka wala po kaming pambayad ng tuition fee.

Last and greatest thanks to God for the endless blessings since I was conceived on earth. Even in the lowest points of my life, His grace endures forever. Even when I was losing faith, when it was hard to pray, when I felt most alone, He was always there for me. And true enough (Nakita mo na ‘to sa twitter bio ng maraming tao), “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Gusto ko ring mag-sorry sa lahat ng mga natarayan, sinungitan, nasaktan, pinaringgan, pinag-isipan ng masama, hindi pinakinggan, napagtaasan ng boses, nabalewala, hindi inintindi, at iba pang pagkukulang. Karamihan naman sa inyo ay ‘di ko na nakakausap o ‘di ko na kaibigan, pero sorry pa rin. Sana masaya kayo kung nasan man kayo.

I had this dream of changing the world for the better. I am far from that dream, but I am a step closer to that goal. Thank you, DLSU. It has been my pleasure.

Signing off,

Engr. Jahziel Lantin | BS Chemical Engineering | Outstanding Thesis | Summ—obra sa Loyalty Award